Cool air Ultra Mini air conditioner

판매 가격 $98.00 정가 $159.00

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product features:
1. It has three functions of refrigeration, humidification and air purification, and the wind speed can be adjusted in three stages
2. Built-in three-stage adjustable night light, can be adjusted as a sleep night light
3. Quiet use process, refrigeration and environmental protection without freon
4. Built-in water tank 500ml, can be used for about 6 hours after full
5. Use USB to supply power
6. Lightweight and easy to carry, where to cool
7. Put an end to the first generation of easy leakage problem
8. Greater wind force than the first generation; more air volume
How to use:
1. Open the water tank cover
2. Add water to the tank cover (you can also add ice cubes for better results)
3. Insert the Mirco end into the host, and the USB end into the input power
4. Turn on the power and adjust the wind speed and light
Place of use:
Office, home environment, kitchen, study, bedroom, outdoor activities

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