360 Light Wave Intelligent Bionic Mosquito Trapping Lamp

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Black Technology Photocatalyst Mosquito Catching Lamp Suction Type Mute Anti-mosquito Lamp Household Items

The star-shaped photocatalyst light guide lamp cover design can be used as a night light, so that you can sleep well and avoid obstacles in the middle of the night. Through the direct suction air duct design, as long as it is within the suction range, mosquitoes will be attracted by the wind The cabinet can't escape anymore, silently killing mosquitoes. Unlike traditional electric mosquito trap lights, it always emits an irritating crackling electric shock. It is more convenient to disassemble. Just turn it on and let you clean the mosquito body It is more convenient and easier to clean. The ultra-quiet brushless motor design allows you to hear only a slight buzzing sound one meter away.

feature of product:
1. Multi-dimensional trapping technology
2. Approaching zero noise
3.USB power supply
4. The whole body adopts environmentally friendly ABS material
5. Separate anti-escape mosquito storage box
6. Let the mosquitoes dry and dehydrate to death

Commodity material: environmental protection ABS
Use rated voltage: 110 ~ 220 ~ 50Hz
Rated power: 5W
Size: 13.5 * 13.5 * 21cm
Rated input 5V / 1A
Rated power 0.65W
Anti-mosquito method: active + passive
The principle of mosquito control
Product size 175.5 * 54 * 330mm
Executive Standard GB4706.1-2005

Tips for use:
1. Please place the mosquito trapping lamp at a height of about 100-150 cm
2. The product mainly attracts mosquitoes through the wavelength of light. It is best to put it in a dark place. The bright place cannot attract mosquitoes.
3. Doors and windows should be tightly closed when using, try to keep the low light source in the darkest place
4. If a person is near the mosquito-trapping lamp when using the mosquito-trapping lamp, the effectiveness of the mosquito-trapping lamp will be greatly reduced, because the mosquitoes will be more attracted to the body temperature effect than the mosquito trap, and the non-mosquito-trapping lamp will fail
5. Use USB to provide power, including charger, mobile power supply, computer, etc., the specification is DC5V1A voltage.

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